Lab and Diagnostic Services are a critical part of patient care.

Clinics need the ability to interface (communicate with) external Labs, Diagnostic services, and Diagnostic / Imaging centers. Results then must be made available to patients and referring physicians and other providers.

While there are several challenges, M5 brings expertise and technical resources to provide small and medium clinics the tools to communicate with Hospitals, Lab and Diagnostic centers.


  • Enable physicians to enter orders from M5 send orders directly to outside systems.
  • We provide customizable templates for each type of order that is sent providing separate requisitions available for different types of lab orders.
  • Pre-printed lab labels for blood work and/or other types of specimens collected in the office
  • Custom list of tests based on individual compendiums for each Laboratory company


  • Enable physicians to enter orders from M5send those orders directly to Diagnostic Services systems (RIS/PACS systems)
  • Customize templates and orders for different modalities and procedures, e.g. General radiology tests, Nuclear Medicine tests, MRIs, CT Scans
  • Provide reports with ability to view diagnostic images.