Quickly and accurately, create prescriptions. With one click of a mouse simply create a prescription. You can be assured that the refill is being given at the correct time.

Can anyone create prescriptions in M5™ ?

Users in the M5™ system can create prescriptions but only authorized users can print or fax the prescriptions.

Benefit: Save doctors and staff time refilling prescriptions.

M5-Fax Integration (complete faxing solution)

This comprehensive faxing package allows you to not only fax out notes, referral letters, prescriptions, labs results, and any type of scanned images. It also includes the ability to receive all faxes in an electronic file format that are then converted into PDF files and tied to the specific patient.

How do you know when there is a new fax?

Faxes come into the INBOX folder that is easily monitored by staff.

Benefit: Save time and money messing with paper faxes. No more toner and paper. No more pulling charts to add a fax.