One Healthcare Solution, Inc. has been a leader in Voice Recognition since 1997. With over 40 medical specialty voice dictionaries to its credit.

Speaking with our voice is the most natural way to communicate. The M5 ™ software dictation module gives physicians the ability to interface directly with their Medical Records using speech recognition. The dictation module allows them to be more productive and self-reliant by simply talking to their computers. Physicians are able to produce highly accurate and legible chart notes quickly, medical correspondence and other business documents without enormous transcription costs.

M5 is more than a medical charting/records package with a speech recognition product added on. M5 VOICE Dictation is a speech recognition engine FULLY INTEGRATED into the package. By listening to physicians and applying their expertise M5 has developed a voice product that physician's say, "Finally, There's a Medical Voice Technology that Really Works!"


True Continuous Speech

Dictate into your computer as if you were dictating into your Dictaphone. Watch the words appear on your screen.

Highly Accurate

M5 has developed and uses the most accurate continuous medical speech dictionaries. The reason why "M5 Voice" is so accurate is because we have developed medical specialty dictionaries. Even some of the most complex medical terminology simply appears on the screen with less than 15 minutes of training.

Voice Accent Profile Buffer:

M5 has been developed not only to be highly accurate when dictating with complex and different Medical terminology. There are no more worries or questions about if it will work for your accent. Ask a representative about "trying it out" if in doubt.

Editing and Correcting:

One of the most helpful features of "M5 Voice" is the editing process. You can correct on the spot - or edit at anytime - or postpone it until later. There are no more headaches of sending out the dictation, waiting for it to come back, review all the errors and then make corrections and send it back to the transcriptions again, while waiting for it to come back again for further revision. See the words appear right on your screen and be finished by the end of your document. Send out your documents the same day you dictate them

How long does it take to learn my medical terms?

With 32 different Medical Specialty vocabularies, you have a custom vocabulary right from the start. You save hours trying to add custom words to your dictations.

Benefit: Save money on expensive transcription costs